Monday, 14 January 2013

How Donya Poorita Got Rid of Acne

Because a lot of acne sufferers want to know how Donya Poorita got rid of acne, we have been featured at this website! :) Share it to anyone you know who's battling acne because you will be able to help them a lot. I believe acne is a serious matter because it can be really emotionally, socially and physically damaging. Spread the information and help uplift someone battling acne. Have a great day ahead!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

How to Revive Damaged Hair for Less

They say that the hair is the crowning glory. So what if your crowning glory becomes a dull, brittle, tangled chicken nest? 

Okay that might be an exaggerated description so let's say your hair is simply dry, frizzy and has split-ends?

Do you...

  • trim the ends?
  • get a Brazilian blow out?
  • get a hair spa or hot oil at the salon because you can't afford the expensive Brazilian blow out?

If you trim the ends - you only get to say "Hello shorter hair!" and then new split-ends will say hello to you again and the process goes on and on.

If you get a Brazilian blow out, your hair becomes happy for a few weeks while your pocket cries out a little longer than how long your hair became happy.

If you go for the cheap hair spa or hot oil (usually cost a hundred bucks only), your pocket is happy and your hair is happy for a day or two or luck you if three.

If you've been suffering from the chicken nest situation, you better check the products you use and the habits you do to your hair. Something is surely wrong.

Here are ways to revive damaged hair and tips to maintain its beautiful condition.

1. Use an SLS/ALS-free shampoo

So why SLS/ALS-free shampoo? Because SLS/ALS can strip the natural oil of the hair and scalp, which is too drying for your hair and scalp that leads to further hair damage. 

Before, shampoo products that are free from this ingredient costs a lot (thousand plus of pesos, I tell you) but not anymore. An affordable local natural shampoo is already available in the market and that's my favorite brand, Human Nature. 

BONUS: The Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo contains Hydrolyzed Protein - the ingredient that fills up the "spaces" of the damaged hair. Thus, the reason why it's the strengthening shampoo because of the Hydrolyzed Protein.

2. Use an effective conditioner

Why effective? Aren't conditioners all the same? Well they may all want one thing to happen - they want to make you hair soft and healthy but what do they really do?

Some conditioners only make hair appear that they're instantly softer and smoother with the help of dimethicone and silicone (called feel modifiers) - isn't this good? Of course not. It's simply like ordinary makeup you use to cover imperfections and to add color to your face.

An effective conditioner is one that does not only modify the "feel" when you touch your hair but also one that TRULY MOISTURIZES and NOURISHES your hair strands. An effective conditioner can make your hair healthy from the inside that's why it looks and feels healthy (smooth and shiny) at the outside.

Since this post is how to revive your hair FOR LESS, we still use the same affordable all natural brand for the conditioner, Human Nature. 

 3. Don't comb your hair while it's wet

If you really have to comb your hair while it's wet, use your fingers to comb it. Start combing from the ends first.

 4. Don't use a hair dryer to dry your hair.

Patience is a virtue. Simply air dry your hair.

5. Like what you do to your face, simply avoid picking on your hair.

These are common bad habits that one does to the hair. Avoid it. It will surely save your hair and your pockets from spending.

  •  Scratching your scalp
  •  Hair pulling
  •  Too tight ponytail

Of course, what's the use of what is said if it's not being followed? Here's the walk of my talk.

Because of being a freebie freak, I used the free shampoo and conditioner giveaways that were distributed in different establishments and at the LRT stations. My already revived before hair dried out again. Boohoo.

Seriously, that's how tangled my hair was AT THE END OF THAT CERTAIN DAY. I admit, I got really so busy and stressed a month ago so I wasn't even able to comb my hair at the start of the day (no wonder I wasn't able to update my blog posts right away). LOL. Doesn't even look realistic because it's really that bad. It ain't right? Is it? (I'm in denial.)

I combed my hair a bit after taking that ugly picture of my hair. I got ugly tresses right. Well fortunately, these are before photos. 

I wasn't able to buy the conditioner right away because my money that time was not enough to buy the biggest bottle of the Human Nature conditioner. It's wiser to buy the biggest bottle compared to the smallest one (50ml for P45 vs 500ml for P300).

My hair looked better than before even while only using the shampoo alone. My hair became smoother and less tangled but it's not that soft.

Random shots on same day :)

I used the shampoo alone for 2 days then after that I was able to buy the conditioner (only 200ml not the 500ml though. sigh). This is what my hair looks like after 5 days of using both the shampoo and the conditioner. It's definitely almost tangle free, smoother,softer and more manageable! By the way, I only used my fingers to comb my hair in this photo. Pretty neat, huh? :)

This will surely be my hair's buddies for life!

So that's another adventure and mishap for me. By the way, I can't tell you what was the brand of the givaway shampoo and conditioner I mentioned earlier. I don't want to get sued. :p


I was not paid to write this post. 

Credits to Human Nature for the last photo (I only got it from their FB page. Thanks Human Nature for letting me use it).